Friday, May 21, 2010

New cast and new beds

Derek and Blake made dioramas based on an animal of their choice for a school project. Blake has really been interested in birds lately so he choose a Northern Cardinal and Derek choose a Nautilus because he had seen a movie about deep sea life. Shortly after this photo was taken Blake handed Amy his cast. He said it was bugging him so he pulled on it and it came off. He now has a camouflage colored cast that goes past his elbow so it wont come off. He still managed to play and hit a ball at Baseball practice.

The school held a fundraiser at Wendy's. For a couple of hours one evening a percentage of the money spent would be donated to the school. We went and the kids had fun because they saw a lot of their friends from school.

We finally took down the cribs. Katelyn had become very efficient at climbing out but she still took a couple of spills so we had to do it. Tonight we said goodbye to the cribs and put up the toddler beds. In order to ease them in and get them excited we held a slumber party and let Derek and Blake sleep with them. I still expect to see the babies in our bed within a couple of hours.

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