Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Now I Can Soccer Night

The Timpanogos and TimpView girls soccer teams raise money for Now I Can at one of their games each year. It is yet another event that makes our kids feel so special. Our association with Now I Can is such a blessing to our entire family. It doesn't hurt that all the kids love soccer so much!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Derek and Blake Soccer

Blake and Derek played a lot of soccer once again this year. The whole team just gets better and better every game.

And we wonder how our boys get so many random injuries.....

Blake got to be the second captain for this game after scoring a hat trick the week before. He and Zach are celebrating another score by "Foxy" here. 

Brandon and Katelyn Soccer

Brandon and Katelyn both loved playing fall soccer. Brent was their coach and Katelyn really found a passion for scoring and could pretty much do so at will. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bridal Vale Falls

We took a trip up to Bridal Vale Falls early in the Fall. It's so close but we don't go up the canyon often. Here are some shots we took.

Back to School

This is Blake and Derek on the first day back to school in Mrs. Ellsworth's class.

This is Brandon and Katelyn on their first day of preschool in Mrs. Cathie's class.

Katelyn loves her baby kitties. They go everywhere with her.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Before the season started BYU had a party at the stadium to show off the new scoreboard and get everyone excited about the season. In addition to all kinds of activities, got a chance to tour the locker room and try on some pads and a helmet.

A photographer for the newspaper was in the locker room at the same time and our kids where so cute they ended up with their picture in the paper. This is the shot from the news paper:

The kids climbed in Riley Nelson's locker for good luck. It worked the first game but we didn't get to go back and the rest of the season was more rough. We should have gone back each week.

We had to bribe them but we got Blake and Derek to take off their shirts and pretend to shower in the team locker room.