Sunday, May 9, 2010

Last Soccer Post

We still have one more soccer game this week but this will be the last post of soccer pictures for this season. (We will be on to baseball soon.) The whole team has really improved. They all get the passing and team work now and it makes a big difference. While this league doesn't focus on the score. The last couple of games they have done well enough that I feel bad for the other team. Although I have to admit, I feel pretty good when I overhear the other soccer coach talking about how great players my kids are.

There is a kid on their team named Oscar that is really good. The boys have figured this out. They divide the team in two and play two separate games. Blake and Derek always fight to be on the team with Oscar.

Yes, they did end up scoring after this 2 on 3 battle.

Still not sure what to do when the ball is too high.

There are some goats near the soccer field. Brandon and Katelyn love to watch them. They can climb up on top of a roof structure and Katelyn yells at them to "get down" when they do.

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