Thursday, February 17, 2011

What we've been doing since, ummm November 22 (oops)

So it is has been forever since we've blogged. Life is very full as always, but I won't tell you what's going on now until I catch up on what's happened in the last several months. We had a lovely Thanksgiving with our family here and it was extra fun and rewarding because my kids' taste buds are growing up and they actually liked most of the meal that I spent 2 days preparing. That was really exciting. We went to see Tangled with our good friends and did a shared dessert night which is becoming a bit of a tradition, and I love it.

We had tons of holiday parties this year, which I really love. It meant tons of Santas! A record number actually. The first was hosted by our fabulous dentist office. It was at the Seven Peaks ice skating arena and it was a near tragedy. We've been going to this party every year since Blake and Derek were 3 I think. For all of those years they have allowed strollers on t
he ice because it is a private party (I've always known this is not thier usual rule), but when I arrived with my four children and a stroller for the youngest two they said no. I was so upset and totally unsure how I would survive the event. Brandon was elated because he really wanted to skate and Katelyn was excited too. But once we got the skates on she wouldn't even touch her feet to the ground and Brandon was trying to run in the ice skates. Anyway, an ice monitor saw me carrying Katelyn and holding Brandon's hand on the ice and came to tell me that I wasn't allowed to carry a child on the ice but ultimately she saved the day by skating with Brandon who had the time of his life and was crushed when it was over. He was so cute and brave and well, just Brandon. I love that determined little boy.

Katelyn got her first major haircut. I just couldn't make the curly on bottom and straight on top look work for her anymore. So now we round brush it and it works. Here she is at the salon:

Katelyn had a dance recital in December. It was super cute and we were honestly just thrilled that she danced on the stage. She was really fun to watch and she learned since she started! Her class wore their pajamas for their dance.

It was so fun to put make up on her - the mascara was so pretty.
There was a Santa there afterwards, and the theme was the Grinch so he was there too..

Our neighbors had a really fun party for the kids too with a Santa. It was so fun and we were so thrilled to have been included.

Now I Can is the local place where Brandon does his intensive physical therapy and we love having opportuniteis to ineract with the staff and other Now I Can friends at events throughout the year. This Christmas party was put on by a scout as his Eagle Scout project. It was so fun and each kid left with a gift! They had a blast.

The fifth and final Santa of the season was at our Ward Party. It was a fun Christmas breakfast. The primary debuted the cutest movie made with each of the kid talking about their favorite character in the nativity. It was priceless!

Christmas Eve Brent's mom and dad and his sister Staci and her family arrived to surprise him for his "big" birthday on Christmas day. It was so fun to have them here. We always start out opening 1 gift on Christmas Eve, what cracks me up is its always the same thing and yet look how excited they were!!

Christmas Morning:

It was so fun to have more family to celebrate with. It felt more like Christmas than ever! It was a beautiful, clear day so the kids played outside a little bit.

This year for New Year's we did a "Noon Years Eve" party with the Sinemas and went to an indoor swimming pool. It was lots of fun and made for a much more relaxing New Years for Brent and I.