Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good News and Fears

Brandon and Katelyn are solidly on the charts - not like top 40. The growth charts. The charts that have defined so much of all of our lives for the past years. We went to see their endocrinologist last week and they are in the 6th percentile for height (weight isn't worth mentioning). I think it is remarkable how similar they are in size right now. They both weigh 23 pounds and are 34 inches long. The dr said when they turn 3 they start measuring height not length and the charts won't be as kind to them, but growth is growth and we love progress.

We also recently went to neonatal follow up clinic and they were tested by the Developmental Psychologist and Speech and Language. They are both doing really well. In speech and language they test their understanding as well as their verbal skills. Not surprisingly Katelyn is at a 3 year 5 month level for both of these. Brandon is at a 2 year 7 month level for verbal and he is only 2 year 9 months. His understanding was 3 months less but still not considered "delayed". We got a similarly encouraging report from the psychologist. She told us he wouldn't currently qualify for the services he received from Kids on the Move. So basically he isn't technically behind any more.

While this is the best news a parent could hope for, I have a mix of emotions about it. With Brandon's 3rd birthday comes changes in the services he receives. His early intervention days with Kids on the Move will come to a close and he will be tested in late June to qualify for services with the school district. Their methods for testing are a mystery and then their approach to helping the kids that qualify are fundamentally very different from what we are used to. However I feel very strongly that Brandon will benefit from these services and I desperately want him to qualify. With this good news I am more nervous that he has made too much progress to qualify. Let's all just pray that he will get what he needs to maintain the progress he's made and to continue to grow and develop as he should.


  1. With such wonderful and devoted parents I have no doubt that all four little foxes will continue to grow and progress through life!

  2. That is fantastic news about both your little ones! Congrats on being on the charts. :) I will hope and pray that Brandon will be able to receive the services that he needs. He and Brinley have to go to school together. LOL Good luck!