Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Broken!

The other day Blake was playing in the backyard and he let out a scream. He and Derek where playing on the swing set and he took a huge fall. Blood was pouring out of his nose and mouth and he told us he thought he broke his arm. He landed pretty hard on some nasty rocks. After we cleaned him up and he settle down it was hard to tell how injured he was. Blake described it on the boys blog.

We even took some reenactment photos. If you haven't seen their blog I think it's very entertaining and they would LOVE to see comments.

It was still hurting Blake pretty badly the next day so we took him to have an x-ray. Sure enough he has a buckle fracture. Derek had a similar break about this time last year. (However, he had much more immediate swelling so it was obvious it was broken.) I actually think Blake was proud to have a broken arm. The doctor choose to wrap it up and wait for the swelling to go down before he put it in a cast. Blake came home from school that day with a bunch of signatures on his bandage (not a cast) including the school principal. today he got his glow in the dark cast.


  1. Oh my goodness! I hope he's going to be ok. Sorry to hear about the break. I will have to go check out their blog. :)
    It was so good to see you in class today!

  2. I am glad I was here, or came over shortly after this happened; I was able to see Blake go from wearing a sling, to wiggling his arm around. I really didn't think it was broken as he could bend it every which way, but I think it hurt when he did it. This is my grandchild with the incredible pain tolerance. I feel bad, as the allegedly older and wiser grandma and I didn't determine accurately the extent of his injuries. I did the same with Amy when she broke her arm at a year or two older. It wasn't swollen she could move it...You would think I would have learned from experience. Blake was funny. He had to drag me to the window and have me look at the big boulder he landed on from the "monkey bars": I actually could see the blood from dining room! (the second story-back of the house...first floor front) so it was pretty far away. I'm glad he is casted and healing now. Being twins, they are somewhat competitive now they have BOTH had a broken arm. I think ya had to be here to appreciate the drama of it all. Ha!