Tuesday, June 9, 2009

California Trip: Post #1 - Jedi training

Today was interesting. We took Derek to the emergency room because, after being kicked in the eye, he was crying blood. It kind of freaked me out but luckily everything is OK. The sad thing is the ER Doc. remembered Amy. It’s not a good thing when you are known in the ER.

We've just returned from a vacation to California. I needed to attend E3 (a conference for work) so we took a couple of extra days and made it into a family vacation. We took a lot of pictures; maybe too many. However, I’m still going to post a bunch. I will break them up into a bunch of smaller posts. Here is post number one. . .

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  1. We LOVE the Jedi Training. Caden got to do it when we went to Disneyland and that was all Caden talked about for weeks. :) Such fun pictures. I hope you had a blast.