Thursday, May 28, 2009

Never A Dull Moment

So this is the post to catch up on the last couple weeks of our life. We are heading for change - Brandon's weekly Motor Class (a weekly class with other kids to work on gross motor skills) that he started when the boys started Kindergarten is over for the summer. It makes me a little sad. I love this class. I love the other kids in the class and all of their amazing moms and I love the therapists that run the play group. None of them are the ones who come out to our home to work with Brandon and I feel pretty lucky to have access to so many great therapists who are really, really good at what they do. Anyway, Here are a few pics from the last day of class.

Brandon loves the singing time and its fun for me to have something that we do every week. Its a good way to notice some of his congnitive development.

Playing on the ramp in class is one of his favorites. (he isn't always naked in class - he just got done playing in whipped cream and pudding!)

Brandon going down the slide into the ball pit. Its his new favorite thing to do.

Here are all the moms and kids that were there the last day of class.

Tomorrow is Blake and Derek's last day of kindergarten. Hard to believe! Maybe I will post some pics - we'll see. I can't believe how fast they are growing up.

This weekend we spread 6 cubic feet of mulch/bark all over the old faded bark in our yard. It was quite a project and we were all outside quite a bit. On Monday while we were in the back working, Katelyn fell down and split open her lip right on what is left of the hemangeoma. It bled a lot and made me really nervous becuase of the location. But our pediatrician was on call and I was able to hunt down the dermatologist who follows Katelyn's lip. We are so lucky to have such great doctors taking care of our family. Although it was pretty deep and warranted stiches under normal circumstances, the docs agreed that she shouldn't have them becuase of the location and because scarring isn't a big concern. Plastic surgery is definitely in our future (we have our consultation in a few weeks).

Then on Tuesday Derek fell off of the fence behind home plate at his t-ball practice and broke his arm/wrist. He has a buckle fracture and we go tomorrow, right after school gets out, to have it casted. Hopefully it won't be for too long and maybe waterproof?? The beginning of summer is such a lousy time to do have a cast!

We had even more drama a few weeks ago now. It all started with a baby sparrow. It wormed its way into our dryer vent and all the way to the interior of the vent (in the laundryeoom located at the center of our house). It scratched at the vent and we mangaged to get it out. There was a lot of love and concern for this baby bird and many hours of nuturing and caring, but that's all I'm going to say about the bird. We left it in a hanging plant and it was gone within 24 hours. We hope it figured out how to fly away, but who knows. Anyway, Brent had to pull the washer and dryer out to get to the bird. When he put it back, the water drain got bumped loose but we didn't notice. The next time we did laundry it flooded the laundry room. It made a mess but we cleaned it up and figured everything was OK.

While watching TV a couple of hours later, the smoke alarm/ co2 detector on the upstairs level started going off. We disconected it and stuffed it the automan to muffle the erratic beeping. A short time later the smoke alarm in the basement apartment started going off followed shortly by the smoke detector on the main level going off. We couldn't ignore all three so we called the emergency line and asked what we should do. At around midnight we woke up all of our kids and our entire family and the renters went to the front yard to wait for the fire department. It didn't take long until several of the nieghbors came to see what was going on.

They went into the house and checked the co2 levels and it all seemed normal. We all felt fine and nothing seemed wrong. A few minuets later a fireman came out with the alarm from the basement. It was filled with water. Evidently all of the alarms are connected together and the water was the cause. Because it had been several hours earlier and it all starter upstairs. We never expected the flood to be the problem. We felt pretty silly. I blame the bird.


  1. Oh my goodness, you have been busy! I can't believe about that bird. Crazy thing. Sorry to hear about Kaitlyn's lip. I hope it heals quickly. You'll have to post about how the consultation goes. We miss the motor skills group. We had our first day of her new class for the summer, and I just wished we had our old class back. It was a blast. :) Hope you're having a great summer.

  2. I miss motor class too. I am still mad they kicked me out. I miss the excitement and love everyone has for the other kids. I really miss it. Brandon looks so good and big!