Tuesday, May 5, 2009


We were lucky enough to be approved to get free shots for our kids because our insurance doesn’t cover them. It may only last a while but we got a lot of information and opinions and everyone agreed that we will do it while we can and the more help they get to grow the better.

So now the hard part is that we have to give Brandon and Katelyn shots every night. It’s really hard to stick in a needle in my babies. It didn’t take long for them to immediately recognize what was going on. They can figure it out without seeing the needle. It takes two of us to get the job done. One needs to hold them still and the other gives the shot. As soon as we restrain them, even a little, or as soon as we wipe down the shot zone with an alcohol swab they know what’s about to happen.

Brandon is a pretty tough kid. He isn’t happy about getting shots but he often doesn’t cry and he usually quickly returns to a happy state pretty soon after the shot. Katelyn on the other hand is much more emotional. It breaks my heart when she starts to cry because she knows what’s coming and she buries her face in her hands. She just looks at me with terror in her eyes and seems to ask “Why are you doing this?” I have to remind myself that she’ll thank me later when she is actually big enough to drive a car and reach the pedals when she’s 16, because of these shots.

With the thrashing about I’ve left some pretty big bruises. When it happens I just feel horrible. We are getting better but it hasn’t always gone smooth. We are both improving our technique but it sure isn’t easy.

Check out those blue eyes.

Blake dressed as a farmer for farm day at school.

Brandon wanted to try on the hat too.

All the boys playing.


  1. So sad to have to give those shots, but how grateful you must be too. Man, in these pics Brandon looks like Wendy's little girl, Karley! I love the "boys" pic. How totally sweet. Now we need one of you and Katelyn! :) We miss you guys, but you look like you are happy and doing well. We just found out my cousins, on my mom's side, are going to be renting your basement! How totally awesome is that!? How fun for them and for you guys.

  2. They are so stinking cute. I hate shot time and would be torn like you to have to do them every day. Lots of love from us.

    Hey Blake....XYZPDQ! =)

  3. I'm sorry that you have to give them shots every day. But, it is good that you got approved to get them and they will thank you later on. :)