Sunday, April 19, 2009

Skiing With the Boys

We took the boys up to Alta Saturday for their first day on the slopes. They offer a deal on half day ski rentals and then one of their lifts is free starting at 3 so it seemed like a great way to start. Thanks to my college roommate Meri Ann who watched the babies we spent a half day up there. It was great fun and the boys loved it! There was definitely some fear getting on the ski lift for the first time. Derek was in tears with his Dad and I was with Blake. When we got started I asked him what he thought and he said "don't talk". Then a minute later he said "I'm not sure about this" and when I asked him which part he meant - the lift or skiing back down - he said both! But by the end of the lift ride he was enjoying it a bit more and said "mom, it is really peaceful up here." So cute. They were both telling us how much they loved skiing the whole way down. Derek really liked the backpack harness even though he only needed it at first and Blake was his typical comacazie self - he just went for it with all he had! There were not injuries and we all had a blast. Here are some pics from my cell phone:


  1. to littlefox
    Next time you can go somewhere with the boys for the day, and I will watch the babies! I was so sad I was sick the day you went. There should be lots of times for that, though, right?


  2. Amy, your blog is so cute! I am glad that we got to meet you in NICU and in KOTM. Your family looks like it is so much fun. I love all the pictures you have of everyone. Have you found out any more news on the hormone shots?