Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bikes, Teeth, A Cat and more…

We took off Blake's training wheels for the first time. He had no fear but he didn't expect it to give him as much trouble as it did. He had a lot of fun.

Brandon was really excited and he wanted a turn.

Derek and Brandon riding off to the neighbor’s house

Katelyn also wanted to ride.

They all had a lot of fun. Brandon and Katelyn LOVE to play with their brothers.

She wasn't very happy when her turn was over.

Blake lost another tooth!

They are so happy when they are playing video games.

This is Blake's crazy outfit for cat hunting.

It didn't take long before they made friends with this cat. Now it won't go away.

Brandon is making a lot of progress. He sits up on his knees all the time now.

He loves to sit up but I think his favorite part is that he loves to do all the things that get him into trouble. There's even more trouble when he can sit on his knees.

Playing under the kitchen stool

I often can still keep feeding just after she falls asleep.

Katelyn really wants to help Mom.

Derek was playing as Katelyn's pet.


  1. Brandon looks so grown up all of the sudden! Blake's cat hunting outfit is almost as good as the way to small snow suite he wore in August.

  2. Oh man, I loved all those pictures! What fun you guys are having with those little munchkins. So sweet. I love the one of Brandon's in the red pjs. His face is sooo excited and happy. haha.