Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hats, cats and hugs

One Happy Boy!

Look at him sitting up so tall!

There are no words for how much Brandon loves this cat!
He constantly points to the deck and makes a kissing noise!
Two babies enjoying the cat!

Katelyn sitting in a box from Costco, eating raisins. She is very
much into helping herself these days (notice the gigantic bag of
cereal in some of the other pictures!)

Shoes are her favorite accessory. They can be worn on the feet or the hands!

The boysthouht it was really coll that they were dressed like twins this day.

1 comment:

  1. Hello, my Family!

    These are some of the greatest shots of the kids! That new camera has improved the quality of candid shots dramatically. I am impressed.

    Blake and Derek: I love these pics of you and your little siblings - it's obvious you have fun with them, and they with you. You guys are so great!

    One of my favorite is the 8th down from the top, Katelyn and Blake with hats. Katelyn's hand gestures caught so exquisitely on camera, sum up her personality to all who haven't had the pleasure of knowing her, up close and personal. She's a prissy one! Her great Aunt Mary Beth was too, and I must try to find a photo of her to show the prissy resenmblance.

    My second favorite is "Daddy's little girl" - with Brent looking so fulfilled holding his precious daughter, eyes closed, smile wide.

    I'm glad the one of the boys standing side by side is in here. People in Kansas - Barbara and Mary Beth - ask how much difference they are in size. Hard to say but easy to see.

    The love between all of my grandchildren is so apparent and is a testiment to the love and Holy Spirit present in you home. I am grateful for all of you!

    Will talk to you & see you soon!