Sunday, February 22, 2009

We're Not Off the Roller Coaster Ride Yet!

Friday Katelyn had another seizure. It had been a little more than a year and a half since her last one in the NICU. We thought they were a thing of the past for her. We were wrong. The roller coaster has certainly slowed in the last year, but we're still on the same ride and this has definitely reminded us of that.

She hadn't been herself for over a week. She wasn't eating well and her sleep patterns were messed up and she was really fussy off and on. On Friday morning I put her down for a nap 2 hours early after a lot of a screaming and called for a doctor’s appointment. Three hours later I was in the kitchen making lunch and Derek said "Mom, why is Katelyn shaking like that?" He had seen her fall down and start seizing. I looked down to see her having a grand mal seizure and turning blue. I picked her up and ran for the phone. I would love to say that I was calm, cool and collected but I was hysterical. I set her down (remembering you aren't supposed to hold someone who is seizing) she regained some color and the 911 operator tried to calm me down as she asked all of her questions about what Katelyn was doing. The good news is that she came out of it on her own relatively fast. It's hard to say for sure, but I would guess the seizure was about 3 minutes and it stopped on its own. So that is good. Her other two seizures were longer and they had to give her a lot of drugs to stop the seizing.

So after an ambulance ride with my little princess, a long and useless trip to the ER (they don't do anything if they aren't seizing anymore) we kept our appointment with the pediatrician who did some labs. The first bunch are normal - her electrolytes are fairly normal, she isn't anemic, etc.. We are still waiting for the labs to come back to tell us if she might have c-diff again or maybe roto virus.

Tuesday we'll go up to PCMC for a sleep-deprived EEG (fun huh??) and then meet with a neurologist later in the day.

Saturday was a whole new day for her. She was eating well and was much more like her normal, cute bubbly self.

The trauma of seeing her have a seizure just brought back all the emotions of the NICU days and the fear of the unknown. But knowing how dangerous seizures can be and the impact they could have on her future made it all very emotional for me.

But today is another new day. She is happy and darling as ever today and seizure free. She and I are up before everyone else today. She snuggled up next to me while I did most of this post but is now her busy-little self.

Here is the link to September 2007, to the posts about her last seizures (start at the bottom):


  1. Oh,my! I can't imagine how frightening that was for you. It makes me so sad to hear about it, but I'm also really glad that she's back to her normal self. I am continuously amazed at how well you guys have held together during the roller coaster.
    More prayers will be offered on her behalf.

  2. Amy,

    I had to find your blog as soon as we got home from motor class. I hope you don't mind! You can check us out at

    Peyton's mom

  3. You guys have been through so much! We are so glad that Katelyn is back to her happy self! Amy, you and Brent are pretty amazing. Hope to see you guys soon!