Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blogging Slackers

I don't know what we've been so busy with, but somehow blogging just hasn't been happening in the last few weeks. I think its probably a result of all the projects I'm creating to fill my free time in the afternoons! We are rearranging things in the house and doing a makeover of our bedroom. This is long overdue and on an extremely tight budget because in the process of moving a few other things around, we bought a piano. This is soooo exciting for everyone. I found a frankly, not-very-smart family selling a baby grand for what would be a good price on an upright and so we are now the proud owners! I'll get pics when its settled in the room. Rght now we still have some furniture to get rid of!

Brandon, Katelyn and their friend Brinley.

Another thing that has been crowding my time is doctors appointments. I think we follow up with basically all of our specialist in August and September. Here is what it includes:
for Katelyn: dermatology, plastic surgery, endocrynology
for Brandon: endocrynology, nueorology, physiatry, cardiology and ENT
So here is what we have found out at all of our appointments (a few are still upcoming!)
Katelyn's lip is likely to continue to improve as she grows and the doctor who we got a second opinion from and the dermatolgist who has followed her since the NICU both say that the longer we wait the better up to the point that it begins to have social implications for her. So probably just before kindergarten. Since the growth hormones are going really well we hope to see her continue to grow and grow! They both grew about 2 inches in 4 months! So good. They are lean, but that is part of what hgh does. So we are happy and the shots are almost second nature now. Not too stressful.
Brandon is making excellent progress in every way. He is talking more (although in a much more quiet and mild mannered way than his baby diva sister!) He started a month ago taking steps on his own and he is continuing to get more brave with them. He doesn't approach walking with the same caution as most new walkers though. He doesn't wait to acheive standing balance and carefully start taking steps, he'll just randomly let go and go for it! Soooo cute! I'll have to try to get some video of it! He is using his walker when we're out and about, but seems to prefer to crawl the short distances at home. Both the nuerologist and the physicatrist were really pleased with how he's doing. We are not going to be scheduling any more botox for now. The plan is just to see what he needs as he needs it. This is a big relief to me! So we'll continue to stretch his muscles daily and encourage use and see how it goes.

So sweet - I hold Brandon's left hand a lot so he doesn't let go and fall on his face, but he's been so much better lately that I don't do it as much - I guess Katelyn noticed and decided to pick on the slack!

Bradon recently got off the waiting list at Courage Reins, a local place for horse therapy. He has been twice now and he loves it! It is really good for his torso strength and his left hand use as well as communication skills. He is so cute telling the horse to go (but doesn't like to tell him to stop)! He of course won't smile for the camera, but I'll keep working on it. Katelyn doesn't get to ride because she doestn' qualify but she takes it pretty well as long as she gets to wear the purple helmet (accessories almost always calm her down!)

Waiting for Brandon's turn. He was saying go the whole time!

Blake has lost his two front teeth and the permanent teeth are growing right in on top of them. Meanwhile Derek still hasn't lost a single tooth. He's only sad becuase he wants the money though. They are both a little money obsessed lately. We've started a coin collection and we've found out that they get credits towards kid rewards at our bank for each deposit they make so they want to save, save, save.

Blake and Derek started soccer this week and they love it! They had their second game today. I'm sure those who know my boys will be shocked to hear that they are pretty agressive little players! They are also playing violin in the school orchestra and they love their art class at school and will spend hours creating things at home - I guess its in the genes.

Derek showing off some artwork.


A new thing at our house- all the kids watching tv together (Blake's on the couch)


  1. That is such good information to hear about all of your children. It was so good to see you at class this last week. I love all your pictures. Brandon looks like he LOVES the horse back riding. Congrats on the piano too. That is absolutely awesome.

  2. So true about Katelyn and accessorizing. She just is not complete if she hasn't accessorized yet! Diva is an understatement. All of my grandchildren have such distinct and strong personalities. They are all amazing. (I'm only moderately biased...)