Friday, April 3, 2009

Spike the Cat

Here is Spike the cat. He has been living in our backyard for over a month now. He is our pet from heaven, kind of. We were talking one day about what kind of pet we could get for the boys. We don't want any cats or dogs around the babies yet, so we were talking about maybe a bunny. Then the cat shows up. He is super friendly and hasn't left our backyard since we started feeding it. Everyone loves him. But because of him we have learned that Blake has a lot of allergies and we let his asthma get so out of control that he had to be on steroids for over a week. He had a skin test last week and looked like a giant mosquito bit him 25 times! But he stays away from it and seems to be fine now. So we took the cat yesterday to be spayed or neutered (we didn't know which!) and get its shots. They said while he was under they would work on the mats which COVERED his poor body! It was sad!

This is how he came back to us. He is still very traumatized. But Blake says he's cute and looks like a poodle. So we have named him Spike now that we know it is a he. We hope he will forgive us for this cruelty.

Blake's back after the skin test.

Most of the cat stuff is in the shadows on the left.

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  1. all i know is your cat makes me laugh every time i see it!