Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our First Missing Tooth

I have been noticing a larger-than-I-remembered gap between two of Blake's teeth but just chalked it up to how completely unobservant I must be. But Monday morning I decided to have a closer look. I asked him if he maybe had a loose tooth and he said no, but it was actually quite loose. He was sooo excited. He has a few friends who are loosing teeth, but he was the first one at our house with a loose tooth. This morning he came in to me at about 7 and told me it was really loose and it really was. I asked him if he could pull it out and he said no, but then he laid down and must have gotten it because he started freaking out a bit becuase it had gone flying from him hand. But we recovered the tiny little tooth and he is so proud. Here is a picture of the toothless wonder himself!


  1. Yeah for the spicy meatball! Your really growing up and looking good!

  2. That's awesome Blake! Welcome to the Missing Tooth Club!