Thursday, January 22, 2009

Katelyn Update

Katelyn is quite a good walker. One day a month or so ago she decided she wasn’t scared to walk without support. She started taking steps in the morning and by evening was doing pretty good. She walks great now and the really good news is that Amy found some shoes to fit her. It wasn’t easy because she has such tiny feet. Every time we are in public and we put her down and let her walk it surprises everyone.

Her biggest challenge is that she is really small. She is even smaller than Brandon. She didn’t gain anything (even lost a little) on her last weigh in at the doctors. She is even way too small for the premie adjusted chart. We tried to step it up and make sure we are adding everything we can to her food. The pediatrician has run all the test he can and we now have an appointment to see and endocrinologist.

Katleyn still loves to dress up and she will put on just about any accessory or piece of clothing she finds.

She loves the phone! Any phone as long as it is real - she can't be fooled.

Are these the cutest little crazy curls?

A glimpse of how whispy her hair is right now.


  1. Cute kids! Robert wouldn't play with any fake phones either...they had to be real!

  2. amy, why didnt you tell me you had made the switch! you silly girl! so darling! like your blog name. its a good one. i dont do blog lines, havent figured that out yet so you should of told me!!! naughty!