Sunday, November 6, 2011

Texas State Fair

We spent a really fun day at the Texas State Fair. 

The bird show was really great. It was a little strange how similar it was to the bird show at the local zoo where we have season passes. They even used the same funny stunt where the "volunteer" from the audience falls in the water when frightened by a bird.

Brandon loved his dolphin.

This is a sculpture made from butter. Yeah, I don't know why either.

On our way out we were all pretty tired but we stopped to see the fireworks show.

That's "Big Tex" in the background. I know. He is shaped a little strangely.

Click below to see the fireworks in action. 

At the Texas state fair you can get just about anything deep fried. I mean ANYTHING.

Deep fried biscuits and gravy. 

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