Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Breast Cancer

One of the biggest changes in our lives in 2011 is our first up close experience with cancer. My mom was diagnosed in January with breast cancer. Her doctor's goal is cure and we all expect her to survive her cancer battle but it is still a battle that we are knee-deep in right now.

Here she is in March at our family head shaving party.

Blake and Derek each cut some off to start and they really loved that!

Then Brent bravely buzzed her head (I was a bit nervous to do it myself!)
And here she is bald!

After her initial diagnosis there were lots of test, procedures, appointments and opinions. She is being treated at Huntsman Cancer Institute though and they are taking great care of her. She has made it through half of her chemo and starts a much less nasty variety now. She will likely have her surgery after chemo this summer sometime.

This experience has reaffirmed to me that our Heavenly Father lovingly sends us trials to strengthen us and help us become the person He knows we can be.

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