Sunday, August 15, 2010

Model Brandon & SLC Trip

Brandon and a handful of other kids where asked to come in for a photo shoot for Kids on the Move. They needed photos to use for promotional materials. They gave us copies of the photos. These are a couple of the best shots.

Recently we took a Saturday afternoon and rode the Trax train into Salt Lake. We walked around temple square and went out to eat. These are some photos from our trip.

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  1. So i'm not worried about the suit is is probably much too small for both of our boys now. Isaac out grew it before I gave it to you so really it isn't a big deal. I'm glad to see that things are going well for your family. Isaac was sitting on my lap when I clicked over to your blog and he was so excited he kept saying it's my friend it's my friend. LOL I think he remembers Brandon. :)