Thursday, August 26, 2010

2nd Grade

Derek and Blake started 2nd grade on Wednesday. I love the first day of school excitement! It is so joyful and youthful and I know it will not always be this way. We had such a fun summer and I was sad to see it end which in its own way made me happy. The beginning of summer was hard for me. The adjustment of having everyone home all day was big this year. I've decided I was first-grade spoiled. But once we found our groove we just had so much fun and the boys have gotten to be so helpful!

Lately I have been keenly aware that I need to soak up every moment, cherish every memory and enjoy every opportunity to be together. As I've cleaned countless little footprints off our hardwood floors this summer I am always mindful that the day will come when there are no little footprints on my floor and that I will miss them.

Blake and Derek had to fill out these "Getting to Know Me" forms the morning school started to give to their teacher. I was so charmed and amused with some of their answers I thought I'd share them. When Derek says that he can "wild people up" he means "wind them up" and to him I think that its about being able to get people excited. As for Blake's - I don't think any of them need an explanation but they made me laugh pretty hard. I actually had to ask who "my little devel" was and he told me Katelyn. Will they always be this funny??

Its a big adjustment for Brandon and Katelyn to have them back in school too. The first day Brandon had therapy early in the morning. Brent took him and I picked Katelyn and him up an then we went backpack shopping for their school which starts next week. When we pulled up in the driveway Brandon started to cry and get really angry when I tried to take him out of his seat. I finally got him calmed down enough for him to say "go get Buba Dodo" (translation: go get Blake and Derek). When I explained that they were at school and we couldn't get them yet, he seemed to understand but he was very sad.


  1. Amy-
    As I read your post and the boys responses, I realized there may be readers that misunderstand why Derek is called "Dodo". And the fact that it is pronounced "dodo" like a dodo bird; not like the dodo I pick up from my dogs in the back yard! It is so cute that even after Brandon and Katelyn can easily say Blake and Derek, they still call them "Bubba and Dodo", respectively, because the nicknames stuck. I am so proud of my grandchildren because they love each other so much - none of that sibling rivalry (except between Blake and Derek when Derek is winning a game). I love my grandchildren!! I'm so glad I am their "Mammaw", just as Mother was yours. I am truly blessed!

  2. I love all their comments on their favorite things. :) I hope Brandon and Katelyn like going to the pre-school. Let me know how it all goes!