Sunday, January 10, 2010

We're still home.

Well we're still home with Katelyn. We've been on the edge basically since we came home, but she's doing much better today. She's even playing about as much as she is laying!

Our pediatrician is great and he has been in touch with us even over the weekend and he called in some medicine for her lip yesterday and it is helping so much. But by last night she still wasn't eating and hadn't increased her drinking at all and I had told him I would call him if that were the situation so I did and he called the on call pediatrician and we went to see him. I'm pretty sure that actually seeing the doctor saved us a trip back to the hospital because I even heard the secretaries saying how sad it was that she was headed back to the hospital and that our doctor had called. So when he looked at her he was surprised at how hydrated she actually was. But when he checked in her mouth it induced vomiting. A lot of vomiting. She completely soaked us both. I had clean clothes for her, but not for me. It was a cold, long ride home. She kept putting her arms up to be picked up and then she'd look at me and say "mommy wet" and whine. It was so sad!

One thing I forgot to mention in my last post was one of the highlights of our hospital stay was seeing Dr. Downy. He was Brandon's pediatric surgeon. If it were possible to credit just one person for saving Brandon's life it would be this brilliant man who did his illiostomy on his 7th day of life and in the process developed a new way to solve one of the problems Brandon had. We love him so much! He was in a serious mountain biking accident about a year and a half ago and broke his neck. He has recovered and is working again. He's probably not far from retirement, but he can go out on his terms. We didn't get a picture this time but its always exciting to see him. We saw another doctor who we got to know a little during our NICU days - the infection disease doctor. About 4 hours after Katelyn's stool sample had been taken to the lab, he was standing outside her hospital room door. This is not the guy you want to see in our situation! But he had the wrong room :D We were so glad it wasn't anything scary enough to require his opinion!

So hopefully each day will get better for our little princess!


  1. I'm so sorry! Our baby just got immunizations for rotovirus, and it was new to me, none of our older kids have had this immunization before. So I'm sorry you've had to deal with this. Good job keeping Brandon from catching it. That's a huge accomplishment in itself. I hope Katelyn is feeling better very soon.

    That drive home in throw up clothes is hopefully one you will laugh about a long time from now.

  2. I hope she is feeling better soon. That was cool that you got to see Dr. Downy. We love him too. That is too bad that he had that accident. He is an awesome doctor. We are praying for Katelyn. Hope things turn around quickly. Let me know if you need anything.