Sunday, August 16, 2009

They're not babies any more!

So it is official, our babies are no longer really babies. They are full-on toddlers. They say no non-stop (with a lot of encouragement and praise for doing it from Blake and Derek), they are starting to say mine, they fight with each other over toys, and they are throwing insane tantrums. So my babies aren't really babies any more. This brings me to my issue - what should I call them? I am used to having collective names for my sets of twins. For two years now we have had the boys and the babies. We can't seem to come up with a new collective term for Brandon and Katelyn. Here are the criteria: 1- can't be something that should also describe the boys - like the cutie pies or the sweethearts. I mean, come on, they are all cutie-pies and they are all my sweethearts. 2- has to be shorter than saying Brandon and Katelyn, otherwise what's the point? So please help me with a new name for the babies!


  1. I suggest "little ones", "tikes", or just "twins." Hey, Amy. I'm kinda like a stalker but a nice stalker. I love to check in on your family. You kids are gorgeous. And I simply cannot believe how well and perfect your "little ones" look. Have a great day.

  2. Either "the littles" or "the shorties." This is what my youngest two are called becuase the first two are 'the boys' and when I call the other two 'the babies' Ruby gets very mad. So - there is my two cents.

  3. Oh yeah. And that last comment was me - Teresa. Sorry.