Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On Our Way to Brandonland

Brandon has been planning for almost a year now to build an amusement park around his future home, which of course will be right next door to wherever we live when he is a Daddy. He calls it Brandonland and has some very big plans for the place! He is constantly adding new attractions. Every time he comes across something cool, he says "I'm going to have that at Brandonland". He talks about who he will invite and he is pretty serious about his plans.

It will have an Oswald's roller coaster, it will go through the Oswald's town and then to "the other world" where you can see Mickey Mouse. Then when you come out of the ride you will see them in costumes. You can bring your dogs, and if they don't want to go on the rides, there will be a place where you can leave them and they will be fed. Brandon says "its very awesome and there's going to be all of your favorite costume friends at Brandonland, even Mickey Mouse and even Donald and even Princess Lea and even Darth Vader and even Skywalker. There will even be a Star Wars roller coaster that will go through Star Wars Land." There will also be a movie theater and a Tower of Terror. He says he is building it because he wants people to have a fun place to go so his kids and dogs don't get bored. He is constantly planning more things for his future Brandonland. He is going to be a very fun dad!

Our team name for the upcoming Run to Walk for Now I Can is "On Our Way to Brandonland" To me Brandonland represents all the hopes and dreams of my amazing boy. Now I Can helps him gain the mobility and confidence he needs to overcome some of the physical challenges he has. Each runner who commits to run for Brandon will contribute $5 to his therapy there. So join us on May 18 "On Our Way to Brandonland" You can go to to register.

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