Saturday, August 4, 2012


Meet the newest member of our family: Rascal. He is a "Morkie" (Yorkshire Terrier/ Maltese mix) or as Brandon now says "he's a Yorkie all mixed up."  He was a birthday present to all the kids this year. We got him as a 6-week-old puppy on July 2. He goes with us pretty much everywhere a dog can go (and a few they can't). He is so much fun and handles our family very well.  At first he was so small he couldn't even do stairs, but he's almost doubled in size in the last few weeks so he's much more mobile now. Derek used bricks to build a mini set of stairs for him to get in and out. He also used to have to hop in tall grass to get through it. The kids thought it was the funniest thing and they would look for tall grass to demonstrate his skills.

This is a picture taken when he actually used his bed to sleep in. It is now a toy which he drags all over the house and frequently turns upside down on top of himself. Pretty funny.

 His favorite escape is under the couch. We had a couple of alarming moments before we learned this.

 One of his favorite was to sleep (until someone startles him). 

 From the day we got him Derek was really looking forward to his first bath. He was very upset to learn that puppies don't need baths before about 8 weeks. Here's a picture of the much-anticipated day: his first bath! 

Here he is at 10 weeks, looking a little sad after a reaction to his shots. Poor little guy. 

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