Saturday, October 29, 2011

Vacation 2011: Day 1

We recently went on a long vacation. We did a lot of driving. We went through a lot of States. We saw a lot of family and friends and we took a lot of pictures. We got up at 3 a.m. to start our trip. It was pretty effective because the kids slept for a long time and we had traveled for almost 6 hours before we had to start our first movie. 

We stopped at four corners. We had been warned it wasn't very exciting but I was still very underwhelmed. However the kids still seemed to have fun and it was a welcome break from driving. They also convinced us to buy each one of them a genuine Indian souvenir. 

We drove through New Mexico and we don't have fond memories. Twice we were ran into construction on the main highway going through small towns. However, there were no detour signs. We spent a LOT of time trying to figure out how to get around the construction and get back on the main highway. In fact, when we returned to ask the construction worker who was waving everyone off the road, he had no idea how to get around the construction. Something hit our sun roof and shattered it while driving through Albuquerque. We spent a lot of time trying to find a place to clean it up and we must have picked the bad part of town. One bright spot is we found a restaurant with an incredibly nice staff. We arrived in Roswell after dark and left before sun up so it is hard to know what it was really like. We did get to see the alien theme used on every business and sign in town. Overall we weren't very impressed.

We found a burger place called Blake's so we had to take a photo.

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