Monday, June 27, 2011

Vote for Now I Can in the Vivint Facebook Contest

Anyone who reads our blog is already familiar with Now I Can, the amazing organization Brandon goes to for intensive physical therapy. They are competing in a Facebook Contest to win up to $250,000. This money would go toward helping kids like Brandon, and many who have far greater challenges. Your daily click will make the difference in the lives of these kids. Please take a moment each day until August 27 to vote for Now I Can in the Mountain region.

Please help Now I Can win $250,000 from Vivint by voting for us every day on Facebook at (or use the banner ad at the top of our blog). Its hard to explain how much your time means to parents like us and so many others who struggle to find ways to ensure that our children reach their highest potential.

Here is a video of his therapy session this spring. It was perfectly timed for Brandon, just as a growth spurt was tightening his muscles. I love the video (and so does Brandon). I'm not sure how such a huge spirit fits inside that skinny little boy, but I sure do love him.

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