Monday, November 22, 2010

Their Feminine Side

Saturday Derek went to a friend's birthday party from school. She had invited two boys, but the other one couldn't come. Derek knew he would be the only one and was okay with that. But I have to admit I felt a little like I was taking a lamb to the slaughter when I dropped him at the door a few minutes late with at least a dozen girls greeting him. When I picked him up though, he was excited and wearing his crown and enjoying the attention from the girls.
While Derek was gone I was able to start a little project with Blake. A few weeks ago he really surprised me when he said he'd been talking to a boy at school about how cool quilting is. After asking several times I was convinced he WAS actually saying quilting. Then he asked me if I thought I could teach him to sew. I of course agreed and asked if there was something he wanted to make and he told me a hot pad. So we got it done on Saturday. He did most of the sewing on my grandmother's sewing machine. This is the machine that my mom and I both learned to sew on. So glad its now mine - I love it!

Last week was the school orchestra concert. Blake and Derek are now in the "advanced" orchestra and they are really getting quite good at playing the violin. This year I have been helping a little with the cellist and that has been fun. I was a little surprised that the directors wanted me to play with our small cello section. I felt a little silly before hand and even more silly after several parents said they thought I was a 6th grader at first.

Katelyn after the concert.

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