Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Preschool Begins and other twin adjustments

We've done it - we've sent "the babies" to preschool. This confirms for the what I hope is the final time that we have got to quit calling them that!

Brandon started last Wednesday and had a great first day of preschool. He loved it and his teachers seemed genuinely amazed with how well he adapted. Everyone was so excited - including Blake and Derek! While he was in preschool, I took Katelyn to her first dance class and she LOVED it! She was soooo cute and I just wish I could've really captured how cute she was.

Katelyn got to go the next day, in spite of Brandon's protesting! He was so funny. I think he would've much preferred keeping the experience all his own. He actually started to try to push her out the door when we got there, saying "No Katelyn." But he quickly got over it and they were playing seconds later as we walked out the door.

Brandon will go 4 days a week for 3 hours and then Katelyn will join him 2 of those days. I still haven't done a whole week of it yet. And the first day they were both gone I did some retail therapy with a friend. I know I can't do that every day, but I think I'm over the hump of the adjustment and I didn't even cry. These adjustments are so hard for me-especially where Brandon is concerned. But preschool is so good for him and I'm excited that he has it. I've never had just 1 kid to take care of, so my time with Katelyn seemed almost inconceivable initially, but I love it of course. I wish I had some with each of my kids. Another first for our twin family is that Blake and Derek are in the same 2nd grade class and loving it. It is because they have a wonderful teacher! This is something that they both wanted to do and it seemed like a good time to try it. They have had Kindergarten and 1st grade to establish who they each are with friends at school so now hopefully they can be a little less competitive and sensitive. So far so good! They came home the other day and thanked me for letting them be in the same class.

The other change for our family is that our boys have chosen different fall sports. Blake has been asking to play football since he started school (like in Kindergarten) but the flag football programs don't usually start until 3rd grade, but this year Provo has 2nd graders! So he is doing football while Derek is doing soccer and while I am sure they would've loved to do both do both sports (especially Blake) I'm just not that crazy. So it is a bit hectic getting them to practices and games in 2 different cities but its only for a month and they are both loving it! It is probably really good for them to not be competing.

They are both really good players. Starting Blake in football feels a little bit like opening Pandora's box to me, but he loves it and as he learns the game I know he is going to be great. He is just so intense. Even the way he looks at the ball is a little scary.


  1. You are such a strong mom! And I love all these pictures. I am glad that Brandon is doing so good in preschool. It makes me excited that Brinley will get to be in there with him. :) And Katelyn too!

  2. I can't believe they are this old now! What? where did the time go?

    I love catching up on your blog...I just wish I could really catch up in person. If you guys are ever in the area, please let us know (Sacramento-ish) and we'll do the same.

  3. Kat - by strong do you mean that I didn't cry on the first day of preschool while shopping with a friend??

    Katie - I hope we do get to catch up in person someday soon!!! I would just love that!