Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beautiful Blue Eyes

As a brown eyed girl I have always thought of eye color being able to be put on some sort of scale between poop and the purest, cleanest ocean water. Unfortunately mine are a nice shade of, well.....poop (as are two of my children - sorry Derek and Blake!). Oddly enough my green-eyed husband and I managed to produce not one, but two children with blue eyes. Brandon's are just slightly lighter (and therefore more pure on my "ocean/ poop scale").

I have always thought it was odd and yet somehow noteworthy that Brandon has had so much trouble with his eyes. They are so beautiful. They are the eyes I always longed to have as a young girl. I love his eyes and yet they don't work as they should because of his prematurity. He has already had one surgery on them and he started wearing glasses at six months! So with all of this in the back of my mind I took Brandon to see our pediatric opthomologist a few weeks ago after a month of patching his right eye for hours a day and he excitedly proclaimed that the patching had worked and that he was effectively using both eyes equally and that because of this he would be a great candidate for eye muscle surgery. What? Wait! I thought patching success=no eye muscle surgery. I thought wrong.

So Brandon is scheduled for what will be his 5th surgery on April 9. It is same day surgery and as long as he doesn't have any respiratory problems from the anesthesia we will be on our way relatively quickly. There are not words to describe how much more peaceful I feel approaching this surgery as compared to his last surgery when he was almost a year. It will be fine and we have a great doctor (the same one who did his last surgery). I trust him and think he is amazing at what he does.

While I know there really isn't a link between eye color and what happens in your life, I guess I kind of think of it is as a mark of his special spirit. Maybe just a little something special from Heavenly Father to me to help me to always remember how special this little boy is.


  1. Good luck with his eye surgery! We've been there and it is kinda scary. But, it is amazing how it helps out. :) Brandon is a doll, and I'm sure he'll have the nurses LOVING him. Let me know if I can help out any way.

  2. laughing over the poop vs ocean scale. You are so funny.

    Good luck with the surgery!