Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cougar in our backyard

A little over a week ago we got up on a Saturday morning and we found some tracks in the backyard. The best tracks where on our back patio. The one next to the hand was taken just a couple of feet from the basement door. It certainly looks like a pretty big kitty! There were tracks all around the backyard. We were worried because we couldn’t find our cat, Spike, for about 15 minutes but he showed up just fine.

We went to a Christmas party put on by one of the groups that provide services for Brandon. I only had my cell phone so we didn’t get a lot of good pictures but here is one of Brandon on Santa’s lap.

They sang songs and used bells. Brandon loves music. Can you tell?

The funny part about this one is they asked us to take this picture. They sat down and started saying “cheese” without a camera in site.

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