Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Horses, Rock and Walking

Brandon is almost done for the year with his horseback riding class/therapy. He LOVES riding the horses. Just walking in takes a long time because he keeps wanting to stop and say hi to the horses along the way.

Katelyn is very happy to sit and watch as long as she has her purple "hat".

We had a family night where we invited some friends to come over and play LEGO Rock Band.

This video may just look like an average video of a toddler learning to walk but it’s really exciting for us. Brandon’s stroke would have left an adult permanently paralyzed on their left side. However, we were told many times how amazing it is that young kids have the ability to adapt and overcome. We were often told that Brandon had a good chance of learning to walk at some point. However, I think everyone was just hoping he could walk before kindergarten. He is making progress fast. I keep taking videos to show his progress but it takes me a week to be ready to upload them. By the time I’m ready, I look at the video and realize he’s already a better walker and I should take a new video. He’s also pretty cute and charming.


  1. He is a GREAT walker! That is so amazing and inspiring.

    You have an awesome family, I love seeing their smiling faces. =)

  2. I love seeing him walking at class. He is the cutest little guy anywhere. I am so blessed to know you and your cute little family. We will definately keep in touch. I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. WAHOOO!!!!! Go Brandon! Congrats big guy!