Friday, July 10, 2009

Blake & Derek's 6th Birthday

Well it was 10 days ago that we celebrated the boys' 6th birthday, but I thought I better post about that before the babies' birthday (the first part of July is such a busy time!). So here it is: their birthday was great. We went to breakfast that morning and then had a pool party with 10 of their closest friends and those freinds' brothers and sisters. They loved it. It was really fun. I am so glad to have such good friends that help me carry out these crazy ideas! Thanks Aimee and Audrey! We went to dinner that night at Chuck E Cheese. Does it get any better when you're 6? Not for them! They are both growing into such little men. They are funny, and fun kids and I love them so much.

They are such kind brothers!

Yes there are mostly girls in this picture. This is only one of the many ways we know
we are in big trouble with these two in years to come. Only 2 boys made the list!

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  1. Kimee loved the pool party! I loved it too because it's the one party she can go to without complaining that SHE wants to keep the present. And crying because SHE wanted all the presents that were opened by the birthday child. She had no interest in Transformers and didn't make one complaint about the other gifts. HOORAY!
    Thanks for a fun day!!